QUIZ: Discover what text editor is right for you!

With so many editors out there, it can be hard to find one that works great for your workflow. This quiz will learn about what you do, what features you need, etc. Then, it will recommend an editor for you.

What do you use your text editor for?

pc: Negative Space

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4 thoughts on “QUIZ: Discover what text editor is right for you!

  1. I use notepad++ for my windows8.1 but audio and video elements of html5 are not runing on browser ..my browser is also updated still its not working ..can anyone have soultion?

    1. Hello. The issue will not be with Notepad++ itself, but instead with your code or browser. Try using the latest version of Google Chrome with the default settings and this should work.

      If not, the issue is most probably the code. Be sure to check out W3Schools’ HTML5 Video tutorial at http://xxs.pt/html5video and try copying their code and see if that works. If not, just reply to this comment and I will see if I can help further.

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