10 useful computer accessories programmers would love

1. Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard

If you use keyboard shortcuts all the time, this keypad would be a great buy! With 25 programmable keys, you can configure and customize macros and shortcuts for when you are editing photos, programming, gaming, or just browsing the web. Also, if you are into DIY, you can make your own programmable keypad for under $30 by following this Instructables.




2. Blue Tiki USB Microphone

This is a cheap, clear-sounding microphone for on the go. This microphone is great for conference calls with features such as noise cancellation and an intelligent speech mode.



 2. HEX Color Codes Mousepad

With this mousepad, you will never forget your HTML colors again! No need to go searching up Google everytime you don’t remember how many zeroes there are for the color red.





3. IOGEAR 2-Port KVM Switch

This device allows you to switch between two different computers, servers, or laptops, while using the same mouse, keyboard, and monitor.


4. Inateck USB 3.0 Hard Drive Bay

This device allows you to connect a regular desktop hard drive and SSD to a laptop/desktop. This is great if you are working with a lot of hard drives. You can easily archive/backup files on an external disk, then switch disks, which you cannot do with an external drive. Also, desktop hard drives are often far cheaper than USB ones.

Buy for $38.99



5. KAERSI K1 Phone and Tablet Stand

While this isn’t directly for programming, this phone/tablet stand is perfect to put on your desk while you are working. And hey, if you’re debugging a mobile app, this stand may make things a little bit easier.






6. YubiKey 4

The YubiKey is a USB and NFC security key to keep all of your accounts safe. You can now authenticate with YubiKey, instead of  using just unsafe passwords. You can also configure with password managers like LastPass.

Buy for Out of stock




COSMOS desktop computer ATX/MATX companion, blank drawer rack (5.25"), for computer accessories/storage devices+Cosmos Cable Tie7. Cosmos Desktop Tower Drawer Rack

If you have a tower PC, you most likely have a blank CD/DVD drive slot. With this drawer rack, it becomes a perfect, hidden space to hold your wallet, cables, CDs, etc. It removes some clutter from your desk, and it is also a great hidden storage drawer.

Buy for $9.97





8. Neonode Airbar Display Add Touch

A little unrelated, but this device makes any laptop touch-screen compatible, even with multi-touch.

Buy for Check on Amazon





9. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Sometimes, you may prefer pen and paper. This notebook is great for taking notes, wireframing, etc. You can erase and re-use the notebook 5-6 times by microwaving it. Also, it works in conjunction with both iOS and Android apps, to create a quality, digital copies of your pages.




10. Felix Gray Lenses

Felix Gray Lenses are made with programmers and daily computer users in mind. They protect your eyes against blue light, which is generated from computer screens. Blue light can cause drowsiness, blurry vision, and nearsightedness. This is not a sponsored post, but I have worked with them in the past, and seriously recommend checking them out!

Shop lenses!




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