6 awesome iPhone/Phone accessories & gadgets

If you’re an iPhone power user, these 6 accessories will definitely come in handy.

Mophie Powerstation Reserve

Almost everyone carries keys! This portable phone battery comes with a keyring, allowing you to attach it right on your keychain. In addition to that, its dimensions are quite compact, avoiding bulkiness in your pocket or purse, weighing only a little under 2 ounces! The Mophie Powerstation Reserve is ideal for people who are on the go and need a quick charge. Unfortunately, the battery only holds 1350 mAh, but that can account for a good portion of your battery. Whether you’re always on the go and you need an extra boost of power, or you just worry that you’ll run out of charge at the worst time, this battery is right for you. Did I mention that it’s currently on sale on Amazon?





Extended iPhone Charging Cord

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m sitting somewhere, I’ve got 10% battery, and my standard Apple charging cord doesn’t quite reach me. For me, that short cord just doesn’t quite cut it. That’s why I’ve listed these lifesavers as one of my favorite accessories. They don’t get any easier to use, all you have to do is plug in your extended cord and voilà, you’re ready to charge and use your phone at the same time, hassle free! I was able to find a two pack of 5-foot chargers for only $8.99 or a single 10-foot charger for that’s currently on sale for $7.99.


Automatic Cord Winder

I feel like everywhere I go, I end up either needing my ear buds or my charging cord. Whenever I reach for it, whether in my pocket, suitcase, or laptop, I always find them frustratingly tangled. With this little gadget, you never have to untangle a cord again! The splitter is for up to 5” cords and goes for only about $10 on Amazon, but here’s a two pack of slightly smaller ones for $10.99. These can be a little bulky, but it’s not too bothersome. It eliminates the frustration and imminent meltdown of unwinding a meticulously tangled cord.



Audio Input Splitter

Let’s admit it: sharing your earbuds in gross. What if you could plug two pairs of earbuds into your phone? Now, you can share some tunes, movie, or maybe even a podcast with your buddy without bothering the people around you. And you both use your own pair of earbuds! This one is quite cheap, and it’s not very large at all so you can just slip it into your pocket and you’re ready to go! 

Buy for $7.70



Foldable Phone or Tablet Stand

Getting tired of holding your phone or tablet as you watch a movie, YouTube video, or that new TV episode everyone’s talking about? Well with this phone stand, you longer have to! This stand folds almost flat and slides right into anywhere you’d like, so you can just whip it out whenever you want to watch something, or even read an article! Imagine reading our next article without needing to actually hold your phone! This one sells for only $1.98 on Amazon and comes with free shipping! 




Flash drive for iPhone

How often do you get those warnings that your storage is almost full? Too often, right? I feel like I get them every day with my 16GB iPhone 6. This is because we all have countless numbers of photos, but we never have time to sit down and transfer them to our computers. To solve this, I started using Google Drive, but I don’t like to put all of my eggs in one basket. Then, I came across this. It’s a 32GB flash drive equipped with a lightning and a USB connector. It doesn’t get any easier than this folks, all you have to do is plug it in and transfer your files. It prices competitively next to others on the market, and it is currently on sale!




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