6 reasons why you should consider using Linux

You often hear people ask why they should use Linux, and it’s really a great question. To someone with no experience, it looks like a mess to learn, but it’s really not. So here are the top 6 reasons that you should give Linux a shot:

1) Better Software Performance

Linux distributions are often much lighter of a load for your computer to handle. Not only that, there are certain distros designed for machines that aren’t new or don’t have great power. For example, a distro called Lubuntu needs a minimum of half of a GB of ram to run, meaning it’s usable on almost on everything.




2) It’s Free!

The current official market price to buy a copy of Windows 10 is $119.99 for the home version, and you can only get iOS if you purchase a device that it comes with (ie. a Macbook or an iMac). However, all Linux distros come free of charge and most are updated regularly.





3) There’s Plenty of Distributions

Sometimes, trying to pick out a distro of Linux is like being a kid in a candy store. There are so many of them, ranging from really simple to really complex. Recently, Google released its own OS for laptops known as ChromeOS, which is a very simple distro of Linux. 2 of the more well-known distros are Ubuntu and Linux Mint.




4) Customizability

If you thought that Windows was customizable, you’ll think again when you use Linux. Basically, everything can be changed, from the desktop layout to the taskbar to the entire color scheme. If you’re too lazy to do it manually, you can download themes from the internet to do it for you. Since Linux is open-source, you can share copies or copy what you already have setup to other users.




5) Updates

Linux is great at updating itself. When you look at Windows, it’s infamous for being slow to update. However, Ubuntu Linux has a new version every 6 months, and it updates with security fixes on a weekly basis.





6) Compatibility

Most programs today have a version designed for Linux distros. Chrome, Firefox, Skype, etc. By switching, you don’t have to give up any program that you’ve grown to know and love on your Windows rig. Additionally, if the program doesn’t have a Linux version, there is a handy little program known as Wine that can run any Windows program.




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So, next time you buy or build a new computer, make sure to give Linux a shot! Also, if this article helped, please share it with a friend 🙂

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