7 tips to start programming and make profit

Starting a career in programming can be very daunting. Trust me, I was in your place some time ago. I made mistakes, many of them, but I persevered and made the journey in the end. Starting to program isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it can be scary and fun at the same time, once you have mastered a few languages, or even one, you can create outstanding projects to do anything you want.

In this article, I will cover 7 tips on how to start programming:

1. Choose a language!

This is often the hardest part, think about what you really want to achieve, if you want to make websites and simple games, I would recommend HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP or Ruby. If you’re interested in a very broad language that you could do practically anything with, I would recommend Python, it was my first language, very simple syntax, and most importantly very powerful! You can also take our helpful quiz: What programming language should I learn?



2. Get some books!

Learning to program is quite easy in this day and age, there are many websites e.g. Codecademy, freeCodeCamp. These websites are quite good, but not as good as the good ol’ fashioned way, books! There are many books to help you get started as a programmer, some honorable mentions are:

Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner

Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery




3. Pick a code editor!

This isn’t so much of a big deal, but it will make you more productive, there are many choices, you should consider a few main points, design, does it look nice? Is it customizable? Can you make it do whatever you want? Does it support your preferred O.S? You can also take our quiz:

Discover what text editor is right for you!



4. Don’t get distracted!

Getting distracted when learning how to program is very easy, once you have entered this world of creativity and accomplishment, you can easily get distracted by discovering other interesting things about other languages. So stay focused!



5. Don’t overheat on the hardware

Hardware is and isn’t very important, if you’re not going to be making graphical games demanding high GPU usage, it doesn’t really matter on what GPU you have, you should have at least an i5 intel processor and 8gb RAM, storage wise, an SSD would be preferable, but optional. My setup is a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Laptop. It’s very fast and I’m also dual booting Kali Linux 2.0 with Windows 10 on it.



6. GOOD practice makes perfect, bad practice makes habits

If you want to get any good, you’ll have to practice A LOT. I can’t remember how many unslept nights I’ve had since I started, debugging applications, and explaining the code. Just focus in and practice as much as you can.


7. Once you’re confident, look for a job!

This is by far the hardest part, there is no official “benchmark” to start applying for jobs, when you think you’re ready to start, go for it, apply for as many jobs as you can. You may have to start with something small, to gain as much experience as possible, then look for the big ones.


I hope I have given some solid tips to help you start a career in such an evolving industry.

This article was written by Ionut Butura, check out his Instagram.

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