7 extremely useful ways to re-use your old PC/laptop

1. Create a cloud file server with OwnCloud

OwnCloud is a self-hosted Dropbox or Google Drive alternative. OwnCloud allows you to use your own storage drives, and it is much more customizable. A collaborative editing/word processing app can be installed as well, similar to Google Docs. OwnCloud server works on Linux operating systems or a web server.

Full tutorial | Website | Web/Mobile Clients



2. Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server can be installed on many operating systems. With Plex, you can stream your own movies, music, and custom channels to your TV, phone, or PC. The media is hosted and streamed from your PC.

Full tutorial | Website | Plex explained



3. Turn it into a fast Chromebook

CloudReady is a forked version of ChromeOS that works on most old/new laptops. It will make your laptop much faster for the web!

My full tutorial | Download


4. Network Storage Server

Using software like Nas4Free, you can turn your old PC into network hard drives for backups or more storage. It will show up just like a regular drive on your computers.

My Full TutorialWebsite & Download



Wall-mounted Kitchen PC5. Wall mount your laptop

You can convert your old laptop into a wall kiosk. This can be used for your kitchen, an entertainment in your room, etc. There are different tutorials and take apart guides for different model laptops. All you really need to do is disconnect the monitor, buy a longer ribbon cable, and mount it.

Laptop to desktop conversion

Laptop mount PC




6. Turn it into a media center

You can also install Kodi, and turn your old PC into a media center.

Full Tutorial | Website



Image result for Vestacp7. Web server control panel

Create your own web development environment with VestaCP on Ubuntu Server!

Full tutorial | Vesta website



BONUS: Steam in-home streaming machine

Stream your games from your main PC to a second machine (by your TV for example).

Full tutorial | More info


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